Born in Ankara, based in Istanbul and Toronto, OH.MR (Omer Gurbuz) is a producer/performer of various music genres, including electronica, organic/ethnic techno, rock, and sub-divisions of house music.

Trained in the principles of Western Music until college, OH.MR plays the guitar, bass, and sings, while teaching himself the art of production with his minimal setup.

Co-founder of Mr. Mina Band, he has released 'Choice Parade Pt. 1: A Wan Parable' from WhoAreWeWhoWeAre Records in the summer of 2015. His search for different sounds led him to pursue a more modern and practical approach to produce and perform music, balancing the traits of technology and established means of emitting vibrations. 

OH.MR regularly collaborates with artists of different skills, tastes and backgrounds, driven by the power of collective progress. 

OH.MR took the stage with Valley's Echo, powered by Unis Academy (Ableton Certified Training Center), on May 20th at Limits-Off Presents: Chill-Out Festival Istanbul 2017, as his first collaborative project.




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07/11/17 - Adahan Istanbul

03/08/17 - Mentha Karaköy - Valley's Echo

09/07/17 - Peyote Cennet Bahcesi - Valley's Echo

01/07/17 - Dakini Festival 2017, Romania - Valley's Echo

20/05/17 - Limits Off presents Chill-Out Festival Istanbul 2017 - Valley's Echo

14/05/17 - Kamu Coffee & Drinks

15/03/17 - Kamu Coffee & Drinks

28/02/17 - NAYAH Kadikoy

15/02/17 - Kamu Coffee & Drinks

08/02/17 - Kamu Coffee & Drinks

25/11/16 - Bocek

08/10/16 - Bocek

24/09/16 - Calistay (ikinci de'li da'li parti)

21/08/16 - Soho House Istanbul (Warm-up)

14/08/16 - Soho House Istanbul (Warm-up)